Equinomy stems from a new definition of capitalism apart from liberalism. The theory is summarized in Summary and developed in the book available at the bottom of this page (only in French for the moment, sorry !). It is the result of a PhD of economic philosophy about Capitalism and the Market Economy at La Sorbonne, Paris, France


Equinomy aims to free the managers from the control of capital. Freedom is achieved by a new governance where profit does not come before and at the expense of other interests, especially the customer. The true capitalist power lies inside companies at the board level where the objectives, compensation of the management and strategies are set. Corporate governance needs to change.

We promote a balance of power and interests between shareholders, employees and customers. We would like to have 1/3 of the seats for each group so that interests are all equal and pursued at the same time.

In a free market, competition (exit) between producers is not the only defense for customers as we previously thought. Cooperation (voice) is also very efficient, if only customers can regroup to be heard. Equinomy wants to regroup customers and create a representation on the board of companies. Promoting an equilibrium between competition and cooperation in a market economy is the utilmate goal : it is named an equinomy. Customer, social and environmental responsibility of companies can now exist for real with a balanced governance.