Fates of Capitalism is born from the collision of theory and practice : a real world experience as a Venture Capitalist, investing in start-ups since 2002 and a PhD in philosophy (on Capitalism and Market Economy - La Sorbonne, Paris, 2015) . It is the conclusion of 15 years of exchange between theory and practice, a unique combination.

Fates of Capitalism, the Equinomy of the Quatenary aims to transform capitalism. The next economy after capitalism, with the revolution of robotics, could be an Equinomy. Equinomy frees people, defend the environment and prevent abuses of power. The economy becomes more efficient, sustainable and equitable than it is now. 

The main idea is a transformation toward more freedom and balance, more ecology and justice, toward an equitable market economy in equilibrium (hence the name Equinomy). 

40 years ago, capitalism went wrong. We face today a decisive choice, linked to the next technology revolution, robotics. Two opposite fates of capitalism arise : one would see its transformation, the other the prolongation of the problems. This second and darker fate is a rush toward even more inequalities and imbalance, bringing us closer to a catastrophic environmental, social and economic crisis. But hope remains : it is still time to decide the fate of capitalism. 

After freedom in politics, economic freedom is born from the transformation of capitalism. Capitalism doesn’t bring freedom, freedom is beyond capitalism.


Fates of Capitalism offers solutions to the main economic problems :

- Destruction of the environnement : a focus on environnemental preservation over profit and consumerism (through a new compensation scheme for CEOs in companies, toward an ecology based remuneration)

- Injustice : a fair distribution of productivity gains (especially those from the robotics revolution) and property, thanks to a significant basic income (50% of GDP before taxes) and named FBI (Fair Basic Income)

- Abuse of power : a new balanced corporate governance between customers, shareholders and employees, and economic freedom from the FBI

Fates of Capitalism proposes also to stop the financial markets excesses through a better understanding of market economy. A new future of human activities, emotive, creative and peaceful, is possible.