The Equinomy website has been a bit silent in 2019, mainly because the book Fates of Capitalism is now available online and as a print edition (only in French on Amazon, sorry, but I’m open to any traduction strategy). Numerous copies have been sent to share the idea of a new market economy, better than this one, linked (and often confounded) with capitalism. Research, writing and promotional efforts being done, the only remaining goal will be to support the diffusion of these new ideas, while hoping they will one day be used and put in practice in the real world.

Before letting this site live its own existence and promote passively Equinomy, it seemed to me that a long summary of the book would be helpful, for those who don’t have the time, courage or desire (I can understand them, indeed) to read the whole book. It will be the purpose of the next post, and certainly the last for a long time.

A short summer thought to conclude this introductory post. In politics, left wing has an objective of defending people against capitalism, the bourgeoisie in power, for more freedom and justice. Right wing has an objective of defending people against the State, the politicians in power, for more freedom and justice. The two sides want liberty of people and justice, but against two different enemies, capitalism and the State. It is now possible to defend people against both capitalism and the State, in a free balance, in an equinomy. Each power can be balanced with each other, to create a new freedom and justice, in the 21st century.